Software Support Services

Software problems are common in business—problems that can cause costly downtime, loss of data, or other serious setbacks. But, these problems can be avoided with proper setup and configuration.

Aegis IT offers various software support services to help businesses like yours function optimally. 

View our services and give us a call today to discuss how we can support the software your business uses on a daily basis.

We can evaluate your current software setup and recommend upgrades or better solutions to help your business operate more efficiently.

We handle all the technical aspects of setting up the software you need. This setup includes downloading software onto devices, creating user accounts, granting appropriate permissions, and getting it ready for your employees to use when needed.

Once we properly set up the software, we will help take care of all the maintenance needed to keep it running as expected.

We’ll also be there to update the software when the time comes. Whether it’s a quick update we can do remotely or something more extensive that we need to be onsite to perform, we’ll handle it all with expertise and care.

If software becomes outdated or unsupported, we can recommend upgrades that work for you

If you get a troublesome error message or just can’t seem to get your software to work correctly, let us know. We can fix any software bugs, offer guidance on how to reconfigure settings, etc.

Proper data storage is essential for your business. We can help with all your software backups, both onsite and offsite. We’ll ensure your data is safe and easily accessible as needed.

Software We Can Support

These are just a few of the software we can support for your business or organization. If you don’t see a certain software listed that you need help with, give us a call and see if we can help.

Computer with programming on it

Software Development

If your business needs software that doesn’t yet exist, let us create it for you. We specialize in creating custom software and writing extensions for existing applications.

From design to release, we deliver excellent products to our customers. We have a custom solution just for you.

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