Cyber Security


An effective cybersecurity approach combines engineering controls (physical design as well as software) with effective employee education to block potential attacks on your network. Aegis IT starts with a comprehensive review of your cybersecurity setup and policies, then recommends and implements software and hardware as needed.

However, technology is only part of the solution. Aegis IT recognizes the need for addressing the “human factor” of cybersecurity. Equipping your employees with the skills to recognize and flag potential threats can have a positive impact on your network’s security.

Employees’ online activities are typically the largest security vulnerability in any organization. Aegis IT is rolling out a free educational class for our clients on cyber awareness and cyber-security.

Please contact us by email or phone if you are interested in this free online class or to discuss more tailored training for your organization. 

Cyber Security Corona Cyber-attacks

Corona related Cyber-attacks are increasing every day. An average of 2600 threats are being reported per day. 30,000 new coronavirus-related domains have been registered in the last two weeks. Among that, a small percentage has been considered as harmful. But, some are suspicious and require additional investigation. Since January 2020, 51,000 coronavirus-related domains have been registered. 

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