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Jonathan Evenden

President & CEO

Jonathan started Aegis IT in 2012, and has been fixing computers since the mid 90s. IT started as a hobby and a passion that has since transformed into a full business. Jonathan has been full-time in enterprise IT since 2005, starting in help-desk and working into owning the company. Jonathan holds a B.A. in Economics and Business, focusing on how IT solves business needs for Aegis IT clients. Jonathan’s particular areas of interest over the years have included Microsoft Server, Microsoft Exchange, Sonicwall firewalls, IT security, Microsoft Hyper-V (and other virtualization products), Active Directory, and a large variety of desktop operating systems. He has successfully completed dozens of client upgrades in all these areas, and enjoys the individual challenges associated with each client environment.

Ken Hayes


Ken joined Aegis IT in 2014, and loves helping people and businesses find great solutions to their numerous IT problems.

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