Email Setup, Security, & Support

Email is a huge part of how businesses operate on a daily basis. Aegis IT can help with all your business email needs, from setup, to security, and every kind of support in between.

Email Setup

Let us help you set up your business email accounts properly. Our team will register the email domain, determine how many users you need, register each email address, help employees set up email on their phones and computers, and more. We can help with Outlook, Gmail, and various other email clients.

Email Security

In addition to setting up your email, we work hard to keep your organization safe with our email security services.

Secure Anti-Impersonation Measures Through DMARC & DKIM Implementation

Have you ever received an email from yourself that you did not send? Has someone pretended to be you or another person in your company? Proper DMARC and DKIM implementation can help stop scammers in their tracks. Aegis IT works hard to properly implement DMARC/DKIM compliance, ensuring the successful delivery of emails you want and proper blocking of emails pretending to be you. Read our article “How to Stop Email Spoofing” for more information on how DMARC and DKIM work and how they keep your email safe.

Multi-Factor Authentication

Aegis IT can help your organization set up multi-factor authentication (MFA) to help decrease cyber attacks on your email. Instead of just asking for a username and password, MFA requires your users to provide two or more verification factors to access their email accounts. These verifications can include a PIN sent to a mobile number or backup email address, a fingerprint scan, or security questions.

Advanced Anti-Virus Email Software

We offer advanced anti-virus protection for bigger companies that need extra tiers of email hygiene. Contact us to discuss your needs and how we can help.

Email Archiving for E-Discovery

Our team can set up email archiving capabilities for the purpose of e-discovery. E-discovery is reviewing electronic records to find evidence that can be used in litigation or criminal proceedings. We back up all your company’s emails so that if your business ever needs a “paper” trail, you have one.

Phishing Prevention

Email phishing can be one of the biggest threats to your organization. Falling for a scam can be costly to your business. We also offer phishing awareness training services to help keep your organization and employees safe from phishing attacks.

Secure Your Email with DMARC

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