Why Is Quickbooks Multi-User Mode Not Working?

August 22, 2022

The multi-user mode in Quickbooks lets multiple users access company files at the same time. When setting up Quickbooks for multi-user mode, there are a few pitfalls we see users make that will eventually call for troubleshooting.

Below are some steps that can help eliminate H202 and -60001 errors. These solutions will help make your Quickbooks the most stable environment for your end users.

Follow these steps to help your multi-user setup go more smoothly and save yourself headache in the future:

Run the QB server on Microsoft Windows Server operating system instead of Microsoft Windows 10 or 11.

The Windows 10 or 11 Home system product is a guaranteed failure for running QB multi-user mode. If you must use Windows 10 or 11, we strongly recommend on using the Pro version instead of the Home edition. There are internal technical restrictions that can purposefully break the system so you will need to buy the other version.

Make sure the hosting computer has a static IP address.

If the IP address is dynamic, it increases the chances of improperly communicating with the server, which can then cause problems with QB.

Fully disable IPv6 in the control panel AND in the registry of the QB server.

These items need to be disabled in both places or it can cause problems with communication.
How to fully disable IPv6 in the registry of the QB server.
How to fully disable IPv6 in the control panel

Ensure that there is no conflict with the DNS server.

If the QB server is installed on a domain controller, then you must take additional steps to ensure that there is no conflict with the DNS server. The QB database server will use the same ports as the DNS, which will cause them to break unless you run a specific command to make them not conflict with one another. 

To check for conflict:

  1. Stop the DNS Server service AND the QB service.
  2. Reserve the port using netsh from the command prompt and type: netsh int ipv4 add excludedportrange protocol=udp startport=55368 numberofports=5

Start both services again and see if the problem is resolved. 

Make adjustments to the Windows firewall.

Doing this will make sure client communication is okay.

Always put the QB database files on the C: drive of the server.

If you save the files to another drive, things tend to break. The C: drive is the best place to save all of your database files.

If you’ve tried all the solutions above and are still receiving problems with your database server, contact Aegis IT for help.

We can take a look at your settings and troubleshoot the error you’re receiving so you can get back to using Quickbooks again.

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