Troubleshooting Common Quickbooks Update Errors

June 17, 2022

Intuit Quickbooks is a software tool trusted by business owners throughout the world. You can perform a wide variety of tasks to keep your business on track financially from paying employees, tracking expenses, receiving payments from customers, and more.

Though Quickbooks is a great tool, it sometimes encounters errors that require troubleshooting just like any other software product.

Read the common reasons why Quickbooks won’t update below and contact us if you need help troubleshooting these issues.

Common Quickbooks Desktop Update Errors & Solutions

The Quickbooks error messages you are receiving may be error 15271, 12045, 12157, 12038, 12037, or 15xxx.

Don’t be intimidated by these numbers. These solutions can likely help fix the problems from these errors:

Incorrect Date & Time on Your Desktop

If the date and time are incorrect on your desktop, that can interfere with Quickbooks’ ability to update.

To fix your date and time:
  • Check the time at the bottom right hand corner of your screen
  • Right-click on the time and choose adjust “Adjust date/time”
  • Click on “Change” under “Set the time and date manually”
  • Select the current date and time
  • Open Quickbooks again and try to update again

Internet Connection Settings

Issues with your internet service could also be affecting Quickbooks’ ability to update.

You will need to test your internet connection settings. To do so, open your internet browser and visit a secure website such as the Chase Banking page. If this page does not open, you won’t be able to update Quickbooks at all. You’ll need to contact your IT department (or the team at Aegis IT!) for assistance.

If you can open the Chase page, then follow these steps: Open Quickbooks

  • Navigate to “Help” and select “Internet Connection Setup”
  • Select “Use my computer’s Internet connection settings” to set up a connection and click “Next”
  • Choose the “Restore Advanced Settings” button
  • Click “OK”
  • Try to update Quickbooks again

Check Your Firewall Settings

Your computer’s firewall settings could be hindering updates to your software

To remedy this, try the following:

  • Go to the Start menu from your desktop and search for “QuickBooks Database Server Manager”
  • Select it from the list and click “Port Monitor” Note down the Port Number of your version of Quickbooks
  • Click Start again and search for “Windows Firewall”
  • Select it and click “Advanced Settings” option from the left
  • Right click on “Inbound Rules” and click “New Rule”
  • Click “Port” and then “Next.” Make sure the TCP option is enabled.
  • Mark the Specific Local Ports and enter the port number you previously noted down.
  • Click “Next” and then “Allow the Connection”
  • Click “Next” and type a name for this rule.
  • Follow the steps again to set outbound rules for Quickbooks
  • Try to update the Quickbooks software again

Multiple Versions of Quickbooks Desktop Installed

If there is more than one version of Quickbooks installed on your computer, it can have a hard time downloading updates due to confusion with multiple versions.

We suggest removing one version of the software so that you don’t continue to face update errors.

Admin Permissions Needed

In order to run Quickbooks updates, you must have the correct admin permissions.

To run Quickbooks as an admin:

  • Exit any programs currently running on your computer
  • Restart your computer
  • Find QuickBooks and right click on the application.
  • Choose “Run as administrator”
  • Try the updates again

These are some of the common errors we see with Quickbooks updates that are typically quick fixes. Try these solutions and see if they get rid of the errors you’re facing.

If these solutions don’t work, you may need further assistance to get your software back up and running.

Aegis IT Can Help With QB Updates

Whether you’ve tried the solutions above and can’t get them to work OR you aren’t as tech savvy and need someone to walk you through the process, the team at Aegis IT can help.

Our team is well-versed in Quickbooks software and have fixed a wide variety of errors, both common and uncommon.

We’ll take the time to review the error you’re receiving and then find the perfect solution to fix it.

Don’t let a problem with Quickbooks ruin your workday. Aegis IT can help you get back to tracking expenses with ease. Get in touch to get expert help today.

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