Phone systems are increasingly integrating with IT infrastructure. Phone mobility is in high demand, especially in light of business scenarios requiring employees to work from home. A traditional “on-premise” phone system is no longer meeting those needs, nor providing that mobility.
Aegis IT specializes in implementing Voice over IP (VoIP) phone systems. With these systems, you can install a mobile app on your cell phone, desktop, laptop, or tablet and gain access to your business phone system. This allows individuals to place phone calls from a cell phone without giving out a personal phone number. Additionally, extra features such as voicemail to email, integrating multiple offices on a single phone platform, or taking a physical phone home also drive demand for VoIP solutions.

Aegis IT works with several VoIP vendors to provide the best quality phone system solutions for clients. Aegis IT will design the solution, implement the solutions, train your staff on the new phones, and support the platform long-term. We have a vested interest in your success with your phone system.

Here are a few examples of how we helped clients improve their phone setup:

1. One client had seven accounts with Verizon for eight different phone numbers. All the phone numbers were in separate locations and could not easily communicate with each other. Aegis IT ported all numbers into a single platform, and now all the locations can easily transfer calls between the locations. Additionally, the total phone bill was cut in half because of how much Verizon charged each month.

2. A single person company wanted to make business calls without giving out his cell phone number. Aegis IT ported in his company phone number and he now does not need a physical phone at all to make work calls.

3. A client with employees in multiple locations wanted to give out work phone numbers to staff, but not have phone infrastructure in each location. None of the locations are near geographically each other. Aegis IT ported his company phone number, then setup local numbers for the other locations. This setup gives the company a local presence in the respective market, while still having a fully integrated office phone system.

4. An attorney wanted detailed call logging for all the phone calls in and out of his office. This is for billing purposes. Additionally, his 20 year old phone system had died during a bad rainstorm. Aegis IT ported his numbers and setup the office on the phone system. We also trained him on using the call logging features for the purposes of billing his own clients. He never had access to this information on the old system. Finally, his cost for the system was roughly 1/3 of what another vendor proposed.

If a VoIP phone system is not what you are looking for, we also provide installation and support for a traditional phone system. These on-premise PBX systems require a connection from a phone provider and the purchase of a phone system and phones. We can also help you set this up as well.

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