Is Gmail Good for Business Email?

Modern businesses need email to thrive in today’s digital world. The best business email service providers offer more than mere messaging. Your communications also require productivity and collaboration tools to power business operations. Is Gmail good for business email? Or should you choose a different platform?

A Gmail Business Email Overview

Google’s Gmail is a free email service catering to individual users and businesses. Much like Microsoft Outlook, Gmail provides users with a range of additional features and can be accessed through various platforms. Gmail for business email boasts to be a modern and intuitive tool that is perfect for collaborative teams. Like everything Google, the interface is simple and includes many built-in tools.


  • Dynamic emails in Gmail enable recipients to take various actions directly within the email interface without navigating to external websites or applications. These actions could include responding to forms, RSVPing to events, or browsing through catalogs, all within the email itself.
  • Additionally, Gmail has built-in translation capabilities, allowing users to translate emails into their preferred language with just a few clicks. Furthermore, users can send and receive money directly within Gmail, streamlining financial transactions and making managing funds within the email platform convenient.
  • Moreover, users can initiate video calls and chats directly from the Gmail dashboard, making it easier to connect with contacts without switching to a separate communication platform. This feature enhances productivity and communication efficiency for Gmail users.


  • Integrated calendar features and tasks are absent from the Gmail dashboard.
  • Gmail offers fewer advanced features compared to Outlook.
  • Gmail lacks advanced automation tools.


Google Workspace, the paid version of Gmail (formerly known as G Suite), offers different pricing tiers:

  1. $6 per user per month
  2. $12 per user per month
  3. $25 per user per month

Each tier provides varying features and services. Users benefit from an increased inbox storage of 30GB, with options to expand further. G Suite allows users to add additional accounts, create custom email addresses with domain names, access more applications and security features, and receive 24/7 support.

Microsoft Outlook Business Email

Microsoft 365 (Outlook for Business Email), especially the higher-tier plans, is ideal for businesses requiring advanced features such as encrypted emails. This feature particularly benefits businesses handling sensitive or confidential information, documents, or data.

Aegis IT Email Setup, Security, and Support Professionals recommend Microsoft Outlook as your business email provider. Here are 10 reasons why:

  1. Collaborate in Real Time With Loop: Microsoft Loop is a new feature that allows you to work together on documents and tasks in real-time without leaving your email.
  2. Sweep Emails to Tidy Up Your Inbox: Use the Sweep function to automatically organize and move emails from specific senders into folders, helping you focus on important messages.
  3. Create Custom Email Signatures: Add professional email signatures to your Outlook account and use them interchangeably, which can be especially useful for sales agents.
  4. Pin Important Emails: Pin important emails to the top of your inbox to ensure you don’t miss them, especially if you receive many emails.
  5. Schedule Email Sends in Advance: Schedule emails to be sent automatically at a later time, which can be helpful for various business tasks such as sending invoices or reminders.
  6. Access Outlook Features & Functions in the Ribbon: Perform different types of common business tasks without switching screens or apps using the ribbon menu in Outlook.
  7. Create Time & Labor-Saving Email Templates: Create custom email templates for different purposes, such as sales prospecting, lead nurturing, or customer communication.
  8. Change Your Layout View to Increase Efficiency: Customize the layout of your Outlook dashboard to see important information at a glance, such as incoming messages, tasks, and meetings.
  9. Share Calendars: Share your calendar with others, which is useful for coordinating schedules with colleagues or managing shared resources like meeting rooms.
  10. Get Built-in AI Help in Outlook With Editor: Use Microsoft Editor to improve your email content with AI-powered suggestions and corrections, available in multiple languages. Note that this feature is only available with a Microsoft 365 business account.


Microsoft 365 Business (Outlook Email) also offers different pricing tiers with or without Microsoft Teams:

  1. $6 per user per month (Basic)
  2. $12.50 per user per month (Standard)
  3. $22 per user per month (Premium)

Each tier has expanded features and services and requires a yearly contract. Users benefit from an increased inbox storage of 1-5 TB. You can also add additional accounts, create custom email addresses with domain names, access more applications and security features, and enjoy Microsoft’s signature 24/7 support.

Local Email Setup, Security, and Support Experts

Aegis IT is your local business email setup, security, and support experts in Kingsport, Bristol, Johnson City, and surrounding communities. We fully support both Gmail and Outlook for your business email, but typically recommend Outlook to new clients just setting up business email systems. Our skilled team can also help protect you from email spoofing, phishing scams, and more. Is Gmail good for business email, or do you need another solution?

Contact Aegis IT today to schedule a consultation. Let’s determine which solution best fits your company’s needs.