How to Stop Email Spoofing Cpanel

How to Stop Email Spoofing Cpanel

What is Email Spoofing?

Have you recently received an email “from” yourself that you didn’t send? Or maybe you got an email “from” your boss or the HR department that asked for sensitive personal information such as your social security or phone number. These are examples of email address spoofing.

Scammers are able to find ways to spoof, or fake, an email to make it look like it’s coming from your domain. They continue to get more clever by finding ways to make an email look legitimate when it’s actually a scam or phishing email.

Email spoofing can be costly to your business. When your business is affected by email spoofing, your server can be blacklisted. Being added to a blacklist affects your server reputation and can also prevent legitimate emails from being sent within your organization. Additionally, if you or your employee fall for the traps that spammers set, you can run into problems that could affect your business finances as well as personal finances.

How to Stop Email Spoofing Cpanel

The best way to stop email spoofing from your cpanel email is to set up proper DMARC and DKIM implementations for your email domain. These implementations will help stop scammers in their tracks, while also ensuring that any future spoofing attempts are rejected.

DMARC stands for “Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting & Conformance” and helps email users to determine when the emails they receive are legitimate and when they are spam. Proper DMARC implementation will help to identify spoofed emails and either reject them from being received at all or will send them to your email spam folder. DMARC is easy to set up, but hard to set up correctly. If set up incorrectly, you run the risk of stopping legitimate emails from being sent out.

DKIM means “DomainKeys Identified Mail.” DKIM helps to ensure that any emails sent from your domain are not altered before they arrive in their intended inboxes. This security helps make it harder to spoof emails.

Together, DMARC and DKIM create layers of email security so that domains can stay safe when sending and receiving emails.

We Can Help Protect Your Business From Email Spoofing

If you’re scratching your head wondering how to stop email spoofing, you’re not alone. Many businesses are susceptible to email spoofing because they don’t have the proper email security protocol in place.

That’s where Aegis IT comes in. We are experts who provide the best security solutions for your email. We work with businesses like yours to properly implement DMARC and DKIM compliance, which ensures successful delivery of emails you want and properly blocks emails pretending to be you

Though DMARC and DKIM are easy to set up, they are hard to set up correctly. The biggest challenge with implementation is with third-party vendors who are either not familiar with setting up DKIM, or who do not support the technology.

You can trust the pros at Aegis IT to properly implement DMARC and DKIM for your domain so that your email messages can be protected. We’ll help keep your email secure so you can get back to business.

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