The Cyber Security Insurance Questionnaire

May 16, 2022
Have you gotten stumped by some of the questions on your cyber security insurance questionnaire?
Aegis IT can walk through the jargon of the technical questions and help you answer them. We can also support the systems you have in place to keep your data safe.

The Cyber Liability Insurance Questionnaire

As with any other type of insurance, an insurance agent must ask your company questions to determine how risky it will be to offer coverage for your business.

The core of the cyber security questions centers around the data you collect and the protocols you have in place to protect that data.

Your answers to these questions are extremely important. If you do not have proper protocols in place to protect your data, you could be denied coverage.

When you start to review the questions, you may quickly discover that you need help, especially if you are a small business and don’t have a dedicated IT department.

Common Cyber Insurance Questions

Every insurance carrier has their own set of assessment questions.

Here are several common questions you might get asked on your questionnaire:
  • Do you or your company collect, store, process, or transmit protected or sensitive data such as credit cards or social security numbers?
  • Do you have policies and procedures for network access, account creation, and acceptable use policies?
  • Does your cloud service provider have a security program?
  • Do you perform regular backups and store them in a secure off-site location?
  • Do you use endpoint protection in the network?
  • What steps are you taking to detect and prevent ransomware attacks?
  • Do you have an anti-spam device to block phishing emails?
  • Are employees required to undergo annual security training?
  • Do you use intrusion detection software to detect unauthorized access to your computer systems?

As you can see, these technical questions might be tough to answer on your own. That’s where Aegis IT comes in.

Let Aegis Help With Your Cyber Insurance Questionnaire

When you’re stuck on your questionnaire, let us help. We can walk through the technical questions and help you answer them. We’ll take the time to break down each question and translate the technical jargon to help you understand what answers the questionnaire is looking for.

As we work through the questions together, some gaps in your technology may be unearthed.

If there are gaps in your technology that need to be addressed, we can help you solve them.

IT Solutions from Aegis

Hardware Support

We sell and support computer and network hardware, such as servers, desktops, laptops, and networking equipment.

Software Support

Let us support your computer software like Microsoft Office, Quickbooks, Microsoft Windows, and more.

Managed Services

We provide managed anti-virus software, remote support, Windows patch management, and web content filtering.

Phone Systems

Let us help implement a VoIP phone system so you and your employees can access your business phone system from anywhere with a wifi connection.

Cyber Security

We perform a comprehensive review of your cybersecurity setup and policies, then recommend and implement software and hardware. We also offer employee security training.

Email Security

Using proper DMARC and DKIM implementations for your email domain, we can help stop email scammers in their tracks.

Developer Extras

If your company has a need for specially developed software, a professional web presence, or a custom hosting environment, let us help.

Web Development

We use cutting edge technology and the best practices to create mobile-optimized, SEO ready, custom websites that increase user engagement.

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Protect Your Business With Cyber Liability Insurance from Veritas

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