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Need Business Phone Systems in Bristol? If you’re a small or mid-size business owner, chances are you depend on your phone systems. If your clients can’t reach you, you don’t make money. That’s why every business needs a phone solutions company to partner with.

Aegis IT would love to partner with your business to provide your VoIP services. Schedule a consultation today!

What is VoIP?

VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol. Put simply, instead of using a traditional analog phone line, VoIP lets the user make a phone call using a broadband internet connection. VoIP allows short-distance, long-distance, and international calls, though costs differ depending on the phone company used.
Business Phone Systems Bristol

Do Other Businesses Use VoIP?

VoIP systems have become one of the most common systems used by businesses. This is because VoIP business phone systems take advantage of something just about every business already has: a broadband internet connection. If your business has a good quality internet connection, your business would likely benefit from setting up a VoIP phone system.

Benefits of Using VoIP

Compared to traditional phone systems, there are several benefits of VoIP for your phone systems network. Below are some of the most helpful benefits for most small and mid-size businesses.

Aegis IT Can Install Your Business Phone Systems in Bristol

If you’re located in Bristol, TN or its surrounding areas, Aegis IT would love to partner with you to provide VoIP solutions. Because we do information technology and not just phone systems, we’re equipped to diagnose and fix a wide array of communication systems errors.

If you’ve had issues with technology vendors in the past passing issues to other vendors, please know that we don’t do that. Aegis IT takes our clients seriously. We’ll help you drill down to find the root of the problem and equip you to fix it as affordably and quickly as possible. We provide the best communication systems in the area.

You can trust Aegis IT with any technology-related problems you might be facing. Whether that’s setting up your VoIP phone system, fixing hardware problems, diagnosing software problems, or consulting about cyber security, Aegis has you covered.

Previous Case

Cut Phone Bill in ½
Connected Networks
Created Redundant Servers

A client in the manufacturing industry approached us for help consolidating their systems in multiple locations.

They had four offices in three states that all functioned independently—computers, phone systems, etc. Anytime customers called the wrong department, they were given a separate phone number to call instead of being directly transferred.

The Aegis IT team helped this client to consolidate their systems. We connected their phone systems, which made it easier for customers and employees and cut the company’s monthly phone bill in half!

We also consolidated their computer network. This connected network put all locations in the same space and cut down on client support calls.

Lastly, we created redundant servers. Redundancy is a fail-safe that helps to protect data just in case a hard drive fails. If any locations experience a dying server, we push a button to get them back online. This redundancy helps to keep the client’s systems running smoothly at all times.

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