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Trust Aegis IT as your local, comprehensive business information technology services IT solutions company. We help various size companies across northeast Tennessee and southwest Virginia with a comprehensive range of business-related IT services to streamline and optimize your information technology functionality.

Quality IT Solutions & Support

What local companies need quality business information technology services? Our IT solutions company offers in-person solution designs, implementations, and support throughout the Tri-Cities region, including Johnson City, Kingsport, Bristol, Abingdon, and more communities. We also offer remote support across the United States at affordable rates.

Aegis IT serves many types of businesses, including:

Aegis IT professionals take a personalized approach to every solution, understanding that no two businesses and no two solutions are the same. We work with you to plan, implement, and maintain your IT infrastructure, ensuring it not only meets but exceeds your business needs. Call us today to experience our tailored solutions!

Business Information Technology Services

What are business information technology services? Our digital age incorporates technology into every aspect of business. Online sales, video communication, and more are used daily. However, more technology also means more threats, like email spoofing, hacked servers, and stolen identities. Aegis IT helps your company enjoy the benefits of technology to the fullest while protecting your interests.

From software and hardware support to the implementation of new IT-related functions, Aegis IT is equipped to handle all your business’s IT needs. Our services are designed to ensure your business functions optimally, allowing you to focus on what you do best.

  • Streamlined Business IT Solutions 
  • Protect Against Cyber Security Threats 
  • Hardware & Software Support 
  • Phone System Installation & Support 
  • Email Security & Support 
  • Managed IT Services 
  • Remote Phone Support 
  • Custom Business Solutions 

Aegis IT is equipped to offer whatever your business needs. Whether you’re looking to expand your services, transition into using an outsourced firm for business information technology, or want to find an all-in-one, integrated solution for all your IT needs, we’re equipped to serve you and your business.

Affordable Business Information Technology Services IT Solutions Company

What does it cost to partner with a local IT services firm? Aegis IT is an affordable business information technology services IT solutions company offering significant value for your investment. Because our solutions and support are tailor-made, so are our fees. You never pay a single dime more than what you should to get the superior-quality service you demand. We also offer remote support across the United States at affordable rates.

Our experts provide quality information technology consulting and business solutions founded on personal character and integrity. We help our clients make great decisions for their particular environment. Aegis IT does not require anyone to use a particular platform or software; our IT professionals help you make the best IT decision for your situation – period.

Contact the Northeast TN – Southwest VA Business IT Professionals

Are you opening a new branch location or upgrading large projects? Aegis can help you make great IT decisions from the start and avoid common issues and mistakes. Schedule a FREE two-hour comprehensive audit of your network and computer systems with Aegis IT!

We will review your computers, servers, networking equipment, firewalls, backup procedures, and documentation. Following the audit, we will provide you with a written report with specific recommendations.

There is no risk, and you are not obligated to use our services in any way. We want to demonstrate our problem-solving skills and show you how we could improve your business systems.

Previous Case

Cut Phone Bill in ½
Connected Networks
Created Redundant Servers

A client in the manufacturing industry approached us for help consolidating their systems in multiple locations.

They had four offices in three states that all functioned independently—computers, phone systems, etc. Anytime customers called the wrong department, they were given a separate phone number to call instead of being directly transferred.

The Aegis IT team helped this client to consolidate their systems. We connected their phone systems, which made it easier for customers and employees and cut the company’s monthly phone bill in half!

We also consolidated their computer network. This connected network put all locations in the same space and cut down on client support calls.

Lastly, we created redundant servers. Redundancy is a fail-safe that helps to protect data just in case a hard drive fails. If any locations experience a dying server, we push a button to get them back online. This redundancy helps to keep the client’s systems running smoothly at all times.

How can we help YOUR business? Give us a call and see how we can help!

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