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Have you had IT problems at your business? Are you unsure how to make great IT decisions for your network? Do you want great recommendations on upgrading computers, server, networks, phones, and more? If you have faced any of these questions, we would love to talk to you!
Aegis IT provides quality IT consulting and business solutions founded on personal character and integrity. We strive to help our clients make great IT decisions for their particular environment. We do not require any of our clients to use a particular platform or software, but rather consult and advise on making a great IT decision for their situation.
We provide a wide range of IT decision expertise, from small projects – such as an individual computer upgrade, to large projects, such as opening a new office or branch. By making great IT decisions from the start, we help clients avoid common problems and mistakes others encounter with little or no planning.
Contact us today  by phone (423-343-5160) or email ( to find out how we can help you make great IT decisions for your business!

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