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Expert Business Server Support Services - Seamless Operations

Many professional businesses such as lawyers, doctors, medical professionals, accountants, and dentists keep a local server in their office. Electronic record-keeping is essential to their day-to-day operations. When servers aren’t connecting correctly or talking to each other it can cause major headaches. Having a robust and reliable server solution keeps the business moving forward. Aegis IT employs a team of experts who specialize in providing exceptional business server support. We ensure your server infrastructure is secure, efficient, backed up, and always running at peak performance.

Why Choose Our Business Server Support Services?

 Servers often function as the powerhouse of an organization. Whether you need storage or other flexible capabilities, we can help!


Our team of certified IT experts has years of experience in managing and supporting business servers of all sizes and types.

Monitoring and Support

We offer 24/7, round-the-clock, server monitoring and support. So we can quickly address any issues and minimize downtime.

Customized Solutions

When you have unique needs we can tailor our server support services to meet those needs. You specialize in what you do, let's find the right solution that does that same to support your business.

Proactive Maintenance

We want to be proactive in as many things as possible. This approach helps to prevent potential issues well in advance of any major problems.

Scalable Solutions

As your business grows, we can help you scale your servers too. We know your industry in and out and our business server support solutions can easily adapt.

Our Business Server Support Services Include:

Installation and Configuration

Certified installation and configuration of new or old servers tailored to your business needs.

Monitoring and Maintenance

Continuous monitoring and regular maintenance to ensure optimal server performance and security.

Troubleshooting and Repair

Prompt and efficient troubleshooting and repair services to resolve any server issues quickly.

Backup and Recovery

Secure data backup solutions and reliable data recovery services to protect your valuable business data.

Security and Compliance

Strong server security and compliance solutions to safeguard your business data and meet regulations.


Fantastic Company!! I was already stressed from life, and having laptop issues just didn’t help at all. Called Johnathan at Aegis IT and he made the experience so easy. He came where I was and had the problem fixed by the next day. And can I say, it is not expensive at all. Good people and great prices is INCREDIBLE SERVICE to me!! Also, I am not a person who leaves reviews.
Esther Rodolphe
I have worked with Jonathan for over 2 years. He manages our systems and I use him for my HVAC and Refrigeration customers. He is reliable and has helped me many times. He is very easy to work with. I highly recommend him.
Chick Spears
Jonathon (Aegis Technology) does the best with IT support. In person or phone call away. I also used him to update my business computers.. Later, I found out forwarding my business phone to my cell wasn’t the best decision. Aegis offers several company phone lines, and I have a great phone system with app controlled on phone, Ask for Jonathon! He’s quick, professional, knowledgeable and provided a great installer. Provides Simple - Competitive Rate and Professional. Highly recommend Jonathon with Aegis.
Karen Arnold

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Aegis was founded on our personal character and integrity in 2012. The goal was to provide Professional & Affordable IT support for businesses. Jonathan’s team of experts speclize in all aspects of hardware, software, managed services, cyber security, phone systems, email, and phishing/scam prevention services.

Aegis Information Technology is based in Tennessee and offers IT support for businesses throughout the northeast Tennessee and southwest Virginia areas. We also can travel further for in-person technical support when needed.

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