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Do you need a business phone in Johnson City? Local business owners rely on business phone systems to connect with clients and facilitate critical communications quickly and efficiently. No phone = no customers and no revenue. Every Johnson City business needs a phone solutions partner to ensure seamless integrations, speedy maintenance, and exceptional call quality.

Aegis IT provides the best business phone services in Johnson City and surrounding areas. Our top-tier IT and business phone services are affordable and offer the absolute best quality. Your savings do not compromise the quality you enjoy for all your business needs. Count on us to set up your equipment the right way the first time so you encounter no setbacks later.

The Best Bang for Your Buck for Phone Service

When it comes to setting up office phone systems, we usually recommend setting up a business VoIP over traditional phone service. Most small to midsize businesses use VoIP because the setup is more minimal and uses a broadband internet connection. Unless your internet goes down, you shouldn’t have any issues using a VoIP phone system.

Call us today to discuss the phone service options for your business. We’ll walk you through our recommendations and make sure you get what you need to help your business thrive—all at a great price. 

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What is VoIP?

The acronym VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol. Simply put, using VoIP for your phone network just means the phone signal uses your broadband internet connection. When you speak into the phone, the analog signal of your voice gets translated to a digital signal, which is then transmitted through your internet connection either by your computer or by a VoIP adapter.

VoIP is sometimes set up to route through a computer but can also be set up with a traditional phone routed through a VoIP adapter. When it comes to choosing the best system for your business, we can advise you on the best way to route your phone traffic to maximize efficiency and affordability. VoIP can be set up for cloud-based and can use Wi-Fi, allowing for phone use anywhere you have a good Wi-Fi connection.

With these systems in place, you can install a mobile app on your cell phone, desktop, laptop, or even tablet and gain access to your business phone system from anywhere.

What Advantages Does VoIP Provide?

There are several advantages for businesses that use VoIP over a landline phone service:

VoIP Business Phone Services

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is now the most commonly used business phone system. VoIP through your broadband internet connection provides local, long-distance, and international calls and can save you money, depending on the phone company used.

Benefits of Using VoIP for Your Business Phone:

  • Cost-Effective – VoIP is a surprisingly affordable way to enjoy business telephone systems, saving you up to 60% in costs.
  • User-friendly– These phone systems are simple to use.
  • Convenient– VoIP lets you call from anywhere within range of your WiFi and route calls to your mobile phone.
  • Clear Sound– VoIP telephone systems use a broadband internet connection so your voice comes through loud and clear.
  • Scalable– VoIP scales effortlessly, so don’t worry about adding extra hardware as your business grows.
  • Secure– As long as your VoIP services are provided by a company that offers security services, VoIP is an excellent option for keeping your business communications secure.
  • Easy Maintenance– Maintenance is simple since a stable internet connection is all you need to set up your VoIP.
  • Cloud-Based Option– If you prefer, Aegis IT can set up your VoIP office phone system to be cloud-based.

Aegis IT would love to partner with your business to provide your VoIP business phone services in Johnson City. Schedule a consultation today!

Business Phone in Johnson City with Aegis IT

Businesses in Johnson City, TN, or the surrounding areas can benefit from superior-quality information technology services, phone systems, and other communication protocols from Aegis IT. We don’t pass the buck to other vendors when you have system errors or problems. We work with you to locate the precise cause of your communication issues and fix them quickly and affordably without hassles or disruptions to your business.

What industries can benefit from VoIP business phone services in Johnson City? Real estate, marketing, law, healthcare, accounting, non-profits, retail, banking, insurance, travel, manufacturing, services, industrial, and more! Could your company enjoy better service and savings with VoIP? Call us to discuss your specific business phone needs and learn more.

Aegis IT can also set up and maintain traditional business phone services in Johnson City if VoIP is unsuitable for you. We proudly provide the best communication systems in the area and would love to partner with you to provide VoIP or other business phone solutions. Aegis IT can handle any technology-related problems you face, including hardware, software, cyber security, email security, setting up your VoIP business phone, and more. Aegis IT has you covered.

Why Trust Aegis IT for Your Business Phone in Johnson City?

Aegis IT was founded in 2012 and serves Johnson City, Kingsport, Bristol, and the surrounding communities with numerous IT and communication services. We understand the needs of all sizes of businesses, non-profits, and industries and how to provide them with the best solutions possible.

We are so confident in our expertise that we offer a FREE two-hour comprehensive audit of your network and computer systems. Our specialists review your computers, servers, networking equipment, firewalls, backup procedures, and documentation and provide a written report with specific recommendations for your unique environment.

Aegis IT uses this FREE service to demonstrate how we could improve your network, computing, and business phone needs. There is no obligation or risk on your part. Call or message us online today and inquire about this FREE audit or VoIP business phone in Johnson City.

Our team can help answer any questions you might have about our service. We look forward to speaking with you soon!

Previous Case

Cut Phone Bill in ½
Connected Networks
Created Redundant Servers

A client in the manufacturing industry approached us for help consolidating their systems in multiple locations.

They had four offices in three states that all functioned independently—computers, phone systems, etc. Anytime customers called the wrong department, they were given a separate phone number to call instead of being directly transferred.

The Aegis IT team helped this client to consolidate their systems. We connected their phone systems, which made it easier for customers and employees and cut the company’s monthly phone bill in half!

We also consolidated their computer network. This connected network put all locations in the same space and cut down on client support calls.

Lastly, we created redundant servers. Redundancy is a fail-safe that helps to protect data just in case a hard drive fails. If any locations experience a dying server, we push a button to get them back online. This redundancy helps to keep the client’s systems running smoothly at all times.

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