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Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting & Conformance

Have you ever received an email from yourself, that you did not send? Has someone pretended to be you or another person in your company? Do you even know if this is happening?

Aegis IT Solutions provides quality IT consulting, especially with email security. Using proper DMARC and DKIM implementations for your email domain, we can stop scammers wanting to impersonate you in their tracks! In addition to one-time setup, we also provide on-going monitoring of your domain to ensure that any future spoofing attempts are rejected.

DMARC is easy to setup, but hard to setup correctly. If setup incorrectly, you run the risk of stopping email you actually want to send out. The biggest challenges with implementation are with third-party vendors who are either not familiar with setting up DKIM, or who do not support the technology. We work with vendors to properly implement DMARC/DKIM compliance, ensuring successful delivery of emails you want, and proper blocking of emails pretending to be you.

Read our article “How to Stop Email Spoofing Cpanel” for more information on how DMARC and DKIM work and how they keep your email safe. 

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Why Every Business Should Implement DMARC
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